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*Source: KFF Employer Health Benefits Survey, 2020; Kaiser/HRET Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits, 2010 and 2015.

Employee Premium Increase

+ 40%

2020 Employee Premium Contribution


2010 Employee Premium Contribution


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Traditional employer health plan costs are growing at a rate that’s difficult for employers and employees to keep up with. In fact, annual premiums for a family, through employer-sponsored insurance has risen 54% since 2009.


At the same time, it becomes harder to find a plan employees want and need to stay healthy—at a price that will keep your business healthy, too.


To maintain affordability as business owners, you had to keep adding and deleting benefits due to cost fluctuations.

Healthcare costs are out of control.

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Take Control of Your Healthcare Solutions. 

What You Want 👍

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Higher quality healthcare that’s also easier to access

Significant savings for employees and your business

Plan options with must-have benefits for employees

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What You Have ☹️

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Less and lower-quality care subject to availability
(no quick access)

Soaring costs for employees with higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses

Health plan options neither you nor your employees really like

balancing scale for benefits

We take a different approach putting the control back in your hands and not settling for the same healthcare plan design with higher deductibles and more out-of-pocket expenses. 

4 Steps to More Affordable Healthcare.

Tired of paying high healthcare costs? No matter where you are in your journey to a more sustainable solution, A2R can help.

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A2R Healthcare is thrilled to spread our wings from the "Best of the West," as we like to call it to soon proudly expand Nationwide. So whether you're hiking the Smokies, exploring the majestic Pacific Coast, or having an adventure in the Great Salt Lake, you can count on A2R Healthcare to have your back. We look forward to helping more companies and employees out west to stay happy and healthy!


A2R Healthcare is Proud to Serve These States.

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Lower Employee Expenses

High medical costs—even for the insured—are one of the biggest causes of personal bankruptcy. Worse, they keep employees from seeking care, staying healthy and working at their best, which affects company performance. Talk to A2R.

Sustainable Costs

Health insurance costs are out of control, witnessing double-digit annual increases, and comprising the number-one or -two line item cost in most small to medium-sized businesses. It’s unsustainable. But A2R can stop the madness.

Better Healthcare

A quality health plan helps businesses recruit and retain top talent. It reduces absenteeism, and helps boost productivity, too. A2R will create a plan for you.

Better care.
Lower costs.

Healthier business.

An Idaho-based company with over  40 years of experience, A2R Healthcare is shattering the traditional (and expensive) cookie-cutter approach to health insurance, making it more affordable for all.

We put the control back in your hands. So, you and your people never have to settle for plans with higher deductibles and more out-of-pocket expenses. Our flat-fee plans cover everything from preventive care to major medical expenses. Some healthcare options include big discounts for labs, prescriptions, imaging and more.

We have trusted partners with long, proven track records of delivering the right types of coverage for companies and employees.

Whether you have two or hundreds of employees, our solutions can help you, your business and your people live well and do well.

A2R Healthcare Can Stop the Insanity.

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Transparency options

We can help rein in your healthcare costs by showing employees how to use high-quality care ratings, along with low-cost providers for quality healthcare.  A2R Healthcare provides transparency in costs for employers and employees.

Business healthcare options with high-quality care

Don’t sacrifice care for costs. A2R health plans give your employees better access to care, so they’ll stay healthier and more productive.

Reduced employee healthcare cost

Along with lowering your premiums, A2R can reduce your employees’ out-of-pocket costs, too. We accomplish this many ways like, smarter use of advanced direct primary care, and by reducing the need for specialty and urgent care.

Stop accepting the status quo. There is no promise of higher quality care, reduction in employee out-of-pocket expenses, or decrease in cost for the employer. Let A2R Healthcare guide you to better.

Decreased healthcare costs for employers

A2R can put an end to out-of-control cost increases and provide you with a health plan that won’t break the bank.

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